About Us


Our History …

In 1963 Bowman Community Church began as a Sunday School for the children of the Bowman Road area of Cottonwood. Gordon and Anna May Dawson and John and Dottie Hickey were used by God to begin this ministry. The first services were held on Sunday afternoons, in a front yard. The congregation later moved to Bowman Hall and when worship services were established, local laymen preached. In 1971 the church became affiliated with Village Missions. Village Missions has continued to supply pastors through the years. Phyllis Smith donated the land where the church is currently located. The original sanctuary (now Dawson Chapel) was completed and dedicated in February of 1976. This was followed by the Sunday School building and parsonage, which were completed in the 1980’s. Construction of the new multiuse building began in 1998 and it was dedicated in May of 2001. Through the years God has continued to bless and to add to the Bowman Church family. This happened as God brought believers into the church and as folks have been saved, baptized, and joined the family.

Our Purpose …

Our purpose is twofold: First, we desire to reach the world with the wonderful message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. We do this by first by stressing the truth that every believer has the responsibility of being salt and light in the arena God has place them in. Our services and programs all have an evangelistic emphasis. We also support other ministries in our area and around the world that are evangelistic in nature. Second, our purpose is to the equip those who choose to fellowship with us. Our services always are practical in nature. The Sunday morning messages are true to God’s Word, relevant, interesting, and clear. We have Growth Groups that meet for eight week periods during the winter and fall, and are designed not only to help people connect with others in the body of Christ, but also to provide practical direction for life. Our Sunday School also offers a variety of issue oriented classes designed to help everyone from teenagers struggling with the seduction of the world to mature saints battling depression caused by the loss of a mate.

Our Worship Service …

The goal of our worship service is to provide a setting for saints of all ages to worship. So our music is a blend of old and new. We understand that the new birth takes place as the Word is preached (James 1:18, 1Peter 1:23) so the truth of salvation is expressed at every service.

Our Doctrine …

Since Bowman Community Church is a nondenominational body, we choose to focus on the essentials of the Word of God. We hold and teach the historic, fundamental truths of the church. Our statement of faith reflects this focus on the essentials of the Word. Since Bowman is a family made up of people from many different backgrounds, there is often lively discussion regarding theological issues. This ongoing discussion serves to sharpen the saints and help facilitate a better understanding of God’s truth. An accurate understanding of truth always shapes lives in a positive way. We understand that God is looking for worshippers, worshippers who worship in spirit and truth.

Our Message …

The truth of salvation is life’s most important truth. The simple reality is that we are sinners. The Bible tells us this but we also know it from experience. Everyone knows what it is to want to do right, only to do the very thing that one desired to avoid. This sin is most troubling as we reflect on its impact on our relationship with God. Sin separates us from God. The Bible’s term for this separation is “death.” Just as death separates one’s soul from one’s body so our sin separates us from God. This separation from God has a profound impact on life. Since we were created to experience life in fellowship with God, this separation leaves us with a huge void in our souls. We hunger and thirst so we look for people, experiences, pleasures, and things to satisfy the boredom and dissatisfaction of life. Life is often lived in a quiet desperation in the search for the fulfillment that only God can bring. The most troubling impact of this sin is that it leads to eternal separation from God. The “quiet desperation” of life serves as a metaphor for eternity without God. Our sin leads to what the Bible calls “eternal punishment,” a place where there is “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” The good news of the Bible is that there is a way back to God. We do not get there by trying to be good, because as we already know, we are not good. Rather we are connected to God through the work of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to “save his people from their sins.” This connection to God, what is termed in the Bible as “salvation,” occurs as we turn from our godless, fulfillment-seeking ways (the Bible calls this turning ”repentance”) and trust Jesus to forgive our sin and give us the fulfillment our souls crave. He connects us to God by removing the hostility God has towards us as a result of our sin and rebellion. Because of Jesus’ work, we can be reconciled to God and have access to the source of life and fulfillment. Our message is the message of the Bible: “Be reconciled to God” (2Co 5:20). Run to Jesus for salvation, for fulfillment in this life and the blessing of a relationship with God for all eternity. Mt 11:28 – 30 says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

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