Elders' Prayer List

Elders' Prayer List

This week’s prayer family: Dennis and Gayle Mitchell.

This month’s Missions prayer focus: AWANA (Joel and Virginia Cook).

Pray for unsaved loved ones, especially children.

Pray for unspoken requests.

Pray for revival, an awakening in our country. 

Pray for the persecuted church around the world and in our local area.

Pray that abortion in our country would go away. Pray for changed hearts and better laws.

Pray that Bowman would be a witness to our neighbors and that God’s kingdom might advance here in Cottonwood and around the world.

Pray that Bowman Community Church remains Covid free. We thank the Lord for keeping Bowman pretty much C-19 free.

Pray that Wesley, Pete, and Carmen would come to the Lord. Wesley has been going through a difficult time lately.

Pray for a full-time pastor for Trinity Center Community Church, and a willingness by the leadership to consider other avenues.

Pray for Tiffany and her needs.

Pray for rain.

Pray for Jim Foster who is ill again.

Pray for Lynmarie's daughter, Anne. Pray that she'll be released from the Philippines so that she can come home.

Pray for Mary Cartoni what has health issues.

Pray for Vonnie who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimers.

Pray for Donna's niece, Jenny. She's a Christian wife and mother of two who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Pray for strength for Reina and her family to fight cancer.

Continue to pray for Micah in his new role as College student.

Pray for Marjorie Wannamaker's grandchildren who need the Lord's help and guidance.

Pray for Sherry's 88 year old cousin, Ray. He has started chemo for throat cancer. Pray that Ray and his wife Beverly would accept the Lord.

Pray for Lois, Jeri's stepmom, who has Parkinson's.

Pray for Wayne Struble. Pray that Wayne's rehab would go well after his leg surgery.

Pray for Don's overall health. He has been referred to a retina specialist for vision issues.

Pray for salvation for the Tennant's son Brian.

Pray for Chris Toney's continuing health issues. Pray that the doctors would be able to diagnose his issue.

Pray for Marilyn's sister, Joy. Pray that she doesn't lose sight in one of her eyes.

Pray for Shirley Solomon's son-in-law who has cancer.

Pray for those with mental health issues.

Pray for Erin whose lymphoma has returned. Pray for courage and strength as she enters aggressive chemo treatment. (request from Donna).

Pray for Art.

Pray for Christina who is battling cancer.

Pray for Sharlene Crader who has cancer. She’s a young mother with a child.

Pray for Ellen’s daughter, Susan, who has cancer.

Pray for Diane’s son, Scott, who is dealing with alcoholism and to come back to Jesus.

Pray that Art Jr. and Shaun come to the Lord.

Pray for homeschool families. Pray that children would be taught God’s love and truth.

Pray that Kayla & Blake, Bonnie and Darren’s daughter & son in law, come to the Lord.

Pray for Lori’s friends, Rena and Polly that they would remain cancer free. Pray for spiritual strength and courage and Rena would come to know the Lord.

Pray for Dean. He is having trouble with his back.

Pray for Dr Tony Ginter. He is fighting cancer. Pray for his recovery.

Pray that Tom Perales.

Pray for healing for Stacey Irvin. 

Pray for Paula’s son, Sean. Pray for salvation, continued employment, and self-sufficiency.

If you have a concern or praise that you would like added to the list, please email or phone Pastor Mark.

New Requests are in bold.


Revised 9/27/2021