Elders' Prayer List

Elders' Prayer List

This week’s prayer family: Paul and Judy Gurolla.

This month’s Missions prayer focus: Lloyd and Athena Peace.

Pray for unsaved loved ones, especially children.

Pray for unspoken requests.

Pray for revival, and awakening in our country. 

Pray that abortion in our country would go away. Pray for changed hearts and better laws.

Pray for the persecuted church around the world and in our local area.

Pray that Bowman would be a witness to our neighbors and that God’s kingdom might advance here in Cottonwood and around the world.

Pray that Wesley, Pete, and Carmen would come to the Lord.

Pray for more rain.

Praise that Jamie & Hannah had a healthy baby girl this past Thursday. Her name is Felicity Clementine.

Pray for Sherry's (& Ora's) brother, Jim, who is having problems with his foot swelling. Pray that doctors can find the problem. Also her cousin Jeff died several weeks ago. Pray for peace & salvation for his family.

Pray for Tony who has health issues. Pray for Gail who is struggling with life.

Pray for Ernie and Zoe's son Ron. He continues to lose weight and is on a permanent feeding tube.

Pray for Lori's friends Dave & Rena Licitra who are both battling cancer. Pray for the family.

Pray for baby Jordan who is improving.

Pray for Phil Irvin who has a health issue that needs to be resolved.

Pray for Pastor Don St John who is Pastor of the Southern Baptist Church in Red Bluff. He has back pain is is facing surgery.

Pray for Mel Oster who is in rehab for severe back pain from a past injury. He and his wife, Sherri, both have C-19.

Pray for Don Palmquist's health.

Pray for Art & Marie's elderly friend, Ray. He has health complications & doesn't know the Lord.

Pray for Meridith's Papa, Doug, who has cancer.

Pray for 5 month old Peter who has been diagnosed with sarcoma.

Pray for Lori's health situation.

Pray for complete healing and salvation for Gary and Tony (From Diane Richardson).

Pray for Al Gardner who has cancer.

Pray for Jan Badger who has guardianship of Chelsea Hyatt's baby.

Pray for Katie Newcome.

Pray for Linda Mc's youngest daughter, Kalene. She has an aggressive form of cancer.

Pray for Jeri's husband, Brian. He needs to go to the doctor for pain in his hip. Pray for courage to take the first step.

Pray for Don and Betty Jarrett. Don is recovering from sepsis, and Betty will have brain surgery next month.

Pray for Linda R. who is struggling with insomnia.

Pray for Lois, Jeri's stepmom, who is dealing with a pain in her leg.

Pray for Jeri's friend, Brenda, who is in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung. Pray for her family too. She also has dementia.

Pray that Jeri's aunt Shirley would come to the Lord.

Pray for Dennis who has lung cancer. Also pray for his sister Linda who is caring for him. They don't know the Lord.

Pray for those with mental health issues. Pray for the salvation of our nation.

Pray for Marjorie Wannamaker's grandchildren. Pray for healing, inspiration, and joy.

Pray for Sherry's 88 year old cousin, Ray. He has started chemo for throat cancer. Pray that Ray and his wife Beverly would accept the Lord.

Pray for Larry Eberly who needs a liver transplant.

Pray for salvation for the Tennant's son Brian.

Pray for Erin whose lymphoma has returned. Pray for courage and strength as she enters aggressive chemo treatment. (request from Donna).

Pray for Ellen’s daughter, Susan, who has cancer.

Lori's friend Polly who has cancer.

Pray for Lisa's friend Dr. Tony Ginter. He is fighting cancer. Pray for his recovery.

Pray that Diane’s brother, Scott, is saved.

Pray for homeschool families. Pray that children would be taught God’s love and truth.

Pray that Kayla, Bonnie and Darren’s daughter, would come to the Lord.

Pray that Tom Perales would be strengthened spiritually. and for improved health.

Pray for healing for Stacey Irvin. 

Pray for Paula’s son, Sean. Pray for salvation, continued employment, and self-sufficiency.

If you have a concern or praise that you would like added to the list, please email or phone Pastor Mark.

New Requests are in bold.


Revised 11/28/2022