Rescuing Babies From Death

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Rescuing Babies From Abortion: Equipping the Church for Clinic Ministry (5-10-2022)

Thank you for visiting our informational page for our mission to save babies from death.

Abortion is an unfathomable evil in our land for which we have a great and urgent burden. Our desire is to bring both the light of the Gospel and real, tangible help to any who need (and want) it.

We have a training open to any follower of Jesus Christ in Redding, CA, or the surrounding area, who feels provoked to action -- but, perhaps, doesn't know where to start. Begin by reading the Statement of Faith below, and then contact us for more information.

Scott Hord, a full-time missionary to the unborn, will be visiting our town Tuesday May 10th and Wednesday May 11th. Scott will providing training and encouragement to us on the frontlines, and will stand with us the following day for a full day of ministry in front of the abortion clinic.

Please consider joining us for this event.

Information on the event can be found here.

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How to Rescue Babies (Important: Please Watch)