Elders’ Prayer List

Elders’ Prayer List

This week’s prayer family: Andy and Marta Andersen.

This month’s Missions prayer focus: Voice of the Martyrs.

Pray for unsaved loved ones, especially children.

Pray for unspoken requests.

Pray for revival. 

Pray for the persecuted church around the world.

Pray that we would be a witness to our neighbors and that God’s kingdom might advance here in Cottonwood and around the world.

Pray for Ellen’s daughter, Susan, who has cancer.

Pray that Bowman Community Church remains Covid free.

Pray that Wesley, Pete & Carmen come to the Lord. Pray that the Church will be salt and light. Pray for revival in America.

Pray that the Lord would reunite Curt with Grant and Amy and that they would walk with the Lord.

Pray for Diane’s son, Scott, who is dealing with alcoholism. Pray for Phil’s son, Justin, who needs a job after being laid off.

Pray for Betty Munson who is very weak. She’s now in hospice. Pray for her family

Pray for Don who had prostate cancer surgery last week. Pray that his recovery would be quick.

Praise for how the Lord has worked in Micah’s life. Pray that the Lord would continue to direct his life.

Pray that the Lord would keep our Thanksgiving celebrations C-19 free.

Pray for Gary Belli who has cancer. Pray for God’s will.

Pray that Will would find his joy in following Jesus and not in the temporary happiness of this world.

Pray for Village Missionary Ronnie Burnett who is the pastor in French Gulch. He has liver cancer. He will begin treatment with chemo and radiation. 

Pray for Marilyn Chellberg. She fell and broke her hip and leg. She also has a double pneumonia and a collapsed lung.

Pray that Art Jr. and Shaun come to the Lord.

Pray that Bill Davis’ face heals well after the stitches are removed.

Pray for Marjorie’s 9 grandchildren who are struggling w/ life issues. Pray that they will find peace and faith in Jesus.

Pray for homeschool families. Pray that children would be taught God’s love and truth.

Please pray for Bill Beaver. He has a multitude of health issues.

Pray that the Lord would protect Christopher’s job and that the Lord would help him deal with his struggles. 

Pray that Kayla & Blake, Bonnie and Darren’s daughter & son in law, come to the Lord.

Pray for Bonnie Perry’s granddaughter, Brittney, who has lung cancer.

Pray that things go well as Anita as she battles cancer again.

Pray for Lori’s friends, Rena and Polly, as they battle cancer. Pray for spiritual strength, courage and healing.

Pray for Dean. He is having trouble with his back.

Pray for Dr Tony Ginter. He is fighting cancer. Pray for his recovery.

Pray for Kathy Roberts.

Pray that Tom Perales would experience some relief from back pain.

Pray for healing for Stacey Irvin. 

Pray for Lori’s friend, Jan Baker, who has cancer. Pray for emotional, physical and spiritual strength.

Pray for Paula’s son, Sean. Pray for salvation, continued employment, and self-sufficiency.

If you have a concern or praise that you would like added to the list, please email or phone Pastor Mark.

New Requests are in red.
Revised 11/23/2020


  1. Please pray for my nephew Andy. He is 26 yrs old, he’s in the hospital with meningitis. He’s not doing well. Thank you.

  2. Prayer for Carl Livingston for God’s favor and blessings and that no weapon formed against his ministry or life would prosper. Prayer Carl Livingston for protection and favor and the blessings of God upon his life and job would be blessed. Prayer for brother Carrol to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. Prayer for Brother Willis wife to be healed and their finances made whole. Prayer for Alyce to find a medical assistant position soon. She needs a job to support her family. Prayer for our Brother Royce for wisdom, understanding, to hear the voice of God Loud and clear, prayer for a miracle, mercy, and favor and blessings to be upon him and his family and those who love him. Also pray that Isaiah 54:17 would cover Brother Royce’s life, and that he would have the right job and finances would be abundant. Prayer for Brother Royce in court judge, and everyone connected, and the favor of God would prevail. Also prayer for 3 individuals who are sick and one has cirvical canncer, healing for Sharons lungs.Prayer for Robert Hirsch & Jo Langford to be led and filled with the Holy Spirit and love of Jesus Christ. Prayer for Charlene Dixon who is fighting cancer. Also prayer for Ramon a Brandes to operate with integrity, excellence, wisdom, knowledge, skill, favor and be touched and surrounded by the Holy Spirit. Prayer for debbie & Samantha to end the cycle of Alcoholism in their lives. Prayer for Brother Tim and Byron for mercy grace and favor. Prayer for Kim Brown for healing in her body. Prayer for Brother Bo who had an MRI and they found a lump on his kidney. Prayer for Judy who is struggling with severe weight gain, prayer for her to be able to control and lose the excess weight. Prayer for Brother Youngs left eye to be healed. Prayer for Shaunda’s kids, finances housing and strength as she deals with the state, may God give her favor in the name of Jesus. Prayer for Chris and his family suffering from whoop ing cough. Prayer for Charles Widley who just had two heart attacks in one day. Praying for Chris Ausler who had surgery and is in recovery, prayer for Howard Mostrom for his job and finances. Prayer for, Henry Wesley healing from cancer. Prayer for Mary Wesley to obtain the desire to eat food. Prayer for Sister Danicka’s Niece who just ran away. Prayer for sister Sharon for strength and spiritual growth. Prayer for healing Aleteena suffering with multiple health issues including cancer diagnosis, she needs healing. Prayer for Jonita and Charles and their marriage. Prayer for Mr Barber to be obident to the Holy Spirit. Prayer for Ken who is aving brain sugery. Barbara Debato for her heart transplant. Sister Danickas Prayer: for my niece Kayla’s behavior. She has been lying and stealing since she has been back.; pray for my stepdad’s healing from his alcohol addiction; pray for my mom’s fear of driving; pray for my nephews: Malachi and Termaine; pray for Monique; pray for m e balance everything and not to get overwhelmed, to do well in school and pray for my housing and financial situation. Healing for Keisha and Janice in their hearts and minds. Prayer for Minister Donavehn who is not currently attending any church. Prayer for Charles to get a new job.Prayer for Francine to find full time permanent employment soon.

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