Our Worship Service

The goal of our worship service is to provide a setting for saints of all ages to worship. So our music is a blend of old and new. We understand that the new birth takes place as the Word is preached (James 1:18, 1Peter 1:23) so the truth of salvation is expressed at every service.

Our Order of Service

Here is an example of how our service flows:

Our Doctrine

Since Bowman Community Church is a nondenominational body, we choose to focus on the essentials of the Word of God. We hold and teach the historic, fundamental truths of the church. Our statement of faith reflects this focus on the essentials of the Word. Since Bowman is a family made up of people from many different backgrounds, there is often lively discussion regarding theological issues. This ongoing discussion serves to sharpen the saints and help facilitate a better understanding of God’s truth. An accurate understanding of truth always shapes lives in a positive way. We understand that God is looking for worshippers, worshippers who worship in spirit and truth.